American Express® Business Gold Card Review

Jun 19, 2023 By Kelly Walker

All businesses desire to take advantage of the significant expenditures made by them. This is where the American Express Business Gold card’s rewards come into play.

This card caters to businesses that frequently spend on selected bonus categories. Each business gets an opportunity to earn 4 membership reward points per dollar on any 2 specific categories where the business tends to spend the most every month. It has flexible redemption and payment options.

This article will discuss the American Express business gold card review and learn about the additional bonus rewards that make it a potentially strong card.

Important highlights/ features of the Amex Business Card

According to the American Express Business Gold Card review, these cards are best suited for small businesses that make huge purchases and have significant expenditures.

Main perk-

The card's most popular 4-point-per-dollar membership reward points criteria are only applicable for the first $150,000 in total buying records from the two qualified categories. You get one point per dollar spent for the rest of the purchases.

Annual fee-

These cards have a high annual fee of $295. However, if a business spends an enormous amount, it can easily make up for the fees over a period of time.

Credit score -

You must have a credit score between 670 to 850 credit points. This range falls under the good to excellent criteria.


It offers options for flexible payments and point transfers to 20 American Express partners or more.

The welcome offer-

If your business spends $10,000 on qualified purchases within the first three months after initiating an account, you get a reward of 70,000 membership reward points.

Additional benefit-

In fact, the American Express Business Gold Card review elaborates upon the 25% rebate redeemable through points. This can go up to a maximum of 250,000 points each year. You can also use them while purchasing an airline ticket or booking a hotel from the well-known American Express airline and hotel transfer partners such as British Airways and Marriott.

The employee cards are free, and there are no foreign transaction fees.

American Express Gold Card Limit

The American Express gold card limit is not set beforehand. It lacks a fixed credit limit in comparison to more conventional credit cards. Instead, as long as you pay off your debt with each billing statement, it gives you the flexibility of a charge card. This way, you spend wherever you need to.

The approval of our transactions depends upon our spending habits, past account activities, credit score, and financial history. The only limit this card has is that at a certain level of spending, you, as a cardholder, get Amex business gold benefits in the form of points. These limits include the 70,000 membership reward points for $10,000 spent and the 4 points per dollar criteria for the first $150,000 spent.

Amex Business Gold Benefits

As a business owner, amex business gold benefits you in various ways. Discussed below are a few among them.

Instead of paying the entire amount in full, paying overtime with interest increases the flexibility of making payments. It allows you to control your money flow on eligible bargains.

You can earn $100 hotel credit and a room upgrade if available upon arrival as you spend a minimum of two consecutive nights using the hotel collection offer of american express travel.

While renting a car, if you pay using your card, you get car rental loss and damage insurance. This insurance will cover any damage or theft of the rental vehicle. The Amex business gold benefits will decline the company’s damage waiver. However, your existing policy is primary, and this coverage is the second.

When purchasing travel from your card, you get a $1250 protection under the baggage insurance policy for both carry-on and checked baggage.

If you misplace your luggage, amex ensures there is nothing to worry about by providing a 24/7 globally available hotline service. This service is available to card members traveling 100 miles away from home. Medical and legal assistance, passport referrals, and emergency cash wires are also provided.

American Express offers coverage on stolen or lost items up to $1000 for 90 days after purchase. Moreover, the original manufacturer provides an additional year of coverage on the warranty.

Added benefits-

Under the Amex business gold benefits, using your card to purchase tickets activates the travel accident coverage option. This guarantees coverage in case of unintentional death or injury while traveling on a bus, train or plane.

Not only does Amex offer the above-listed benefits, but it also provides tools to assist businesses in tracking and managing their expenses. Account alerts, receipts, expense management, and spending reports are a few examples.


  1. How good is it to have an American Express Gold Card?

According to the American Express Business Gold Card review, this card is among the most incredible travel reward cards. The credit for this goes to the variety of food and travel advantages that attract people with large spending and can afford its annual fee of $295. Members of this card get consistent perks on airfares, restaurants, and supermarkets.

  1. Is the Amex Business Gold Card difficult to get?

A minimum credit score of 670, a constant source of income, and an excellent record of payments with at least one existing card will make your business eligible for an American Express Business Gold Card.

  1. What is the American Express gold card limit?

No, there is no preset American Express gold card limit. Instead, these cards are flexible and provide bonus options.

  1. Why is the American Express Business Gold Card expensive?

American Express business gold credit card has a high annual fee since it comes with various rewarding programs and luxurious benefits. This is the main cause of why Amex cards are so expensive. Amex cards are marketed to those with high salaries and good credit who are expected to make substantial monthly charges on their cards.

  1. How much earnings do you need for Amex Gold?

American Express® Business Gold Card review does not specify any minimum income criteria for eligibility. The only factor that bothers the business is that it can cover the annual fee of $295. Although many other aspects come into play, Amex does not specify them.

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